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Friday, July 30, 2021

iPhone 12 Specs Review

The possibility of introducing the iPhone 12 on September 20, the claim that was quickly cleared

If you were expecting the unveiling of the iPhone 12, we have to say that rumors of the introduction of these products were published on early this month, but this news was from a not-so-famous revealer and I can not be very sure about it.

Fans of Apple's two fires are undoubtedly waiting for the unveiling of the company's new products. Now, however, a Twitter account with the username Soybeys has said that Apple has officially announced that the unveiling of the iPhone 12 will take place on September 10, 2020, at the Steve Jobs Amphitheater in Apple Park; An event where we will see the introduction of iPhones 12, Apple Watch 6 Series smartwatch and other new Apple products.

iphone 12

Interestingly, it seems that Apple itself initially issued a statement of the time of the event, but quickly deleted it. In a strange move, this Twitter account also deleted the screenshot of the event statement from its account. So until Apple officially confirms, we can not say for sure when Apple will hold this year's event.

As you can see in the screenshot of the statement, it is said that the event will be broadcast live on Apple's website, the apple developer app, the apple TV app and YouTube.

The news is skeptical because John Praser, one of Apple's most famous and trusted whistleblowers, had previously said that this year's event would probably be delayed and in October. According to him, Apple will hold an event on October 12, equal to October 12, 2020, in which it will unveil the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

He also predicts the release date of iPhone 12 and 12 Max and believes that we will see the release of these two phones on October 19, ie October 28, but the release of iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will be postponed to November, ie November and December. will be.

John Praser's other prediction is that Apple will not unveil the Apple Watch 6 smartwatch at the online event, and the company plans to unveil the Apple Watch 6 Series along with the iPad 10.2 and the new generation iPhone SE in a press release.

However, the new source of information is emerging and we have not seen accurate predictions of it before. So we can not count on his tweet with confidence. Anyway, we have to wait for the official announcement of Apple.

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